How to Apply Wall Stickers

Our wall stickers take only a few minutes to apply.

Before using remove the sticker from the tube and place it on a flat surface until the stretch.
Make sure the wall surface is clean and dry.
Some of our stickers, especially large sizes have transfer tape. Follow these step-by-step instructions below on how to apply our wall stickers that come with transfer tape.
Step 1: Determine where you would like to apply your sticker, then attach it to the wall and mark (pencil) at what point we start sticking.
Step 2: Thoroughly clean the surface to which the label is expected. The surface should be smooth and dry.
Step 3: Turn the label foil and transfer to the counter top paper.
Step 3: Gently tear-off paper, wrap it, and we watched a very low or not “take” on each other stickers.
Step 4: We have a separate sticker paper and ready to stick.
Step 5: We start from the top of the sticking is gradually going down.
Step 6: presses the foil cloth or hand in a place where there is a sticker.
Step 7: Gently and slowly peel the transfer of the label. We think not to remove the back of the sticker along with the film.
Step 8: Once again we press the label has stuck to the ground
Done! Simple is not it?